Saturday, May 29, 2010

A New Bear and a New Family Member

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend so far! The weather has been beautiful here in Indiana :o) I wanted to get some more photos posted of my flowers that are blooming, but my camera wouldn't cooperate long enough. Maybe tomorrow?

I do have a new bear to show tonight though and a new member of the family to introduce!

I finished this little bear thismorning. His name is Ricky and he is made of a super soft belgian plush. I love the feel of this fur! If you would like to read more about him I will be listing him on Bear Pile tonight.

ok, so I stand by my previous post, I am giving this crazy cat lady thing my best effort, LOL!
Gregg and I went over to Barnes and Noble on Thursday to pick up a book I have been wanting. It's about a 20 - 30 minute drive over there and it is located in the mall, so of course I couldn't just go to the one store! I had to take a look in all my favorites, including the pet store. :o) I feel so bad for all those little guys stuck behind the glass, it breaks my heart! While I was there I found the little french bulldog puppy that I have always wanted and I about fainted when the lady told me the price was $1400! Needless to say I did not walk out with a puppy or the little kitten I liked either!
But fate stepped in and on our way home I asked Gregg to take the back way home and there on the side of the road was a sign "FREE KITTENS" I couldn't resist.
I didn't even have to ask, he pulled in the drive and told me to pick one. I love that man!!
So without further rambling, this is little Leo. Isn't he the sweetest little thing!!
Leo with my daughter, Samantha.

Trying to take a closer look at the camera.

Climbing the furniture. Good thing it's already falling apart, LOL!

Sitting on Samantha's lap. Little girls and kittens, you just can't seperate them!
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  1. Lol, I have fears I'm going to become the crazy cat lady too, mainly because I'm very allergic to them ;o) Enjoy your new little friend

  2. Encantador tu osito!!!
    besitos ascension

  3. Pussycat dolls :-) Both of them :-) x x x x


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