Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Glory" the panda bear

Just a quick post today to share my new bear "Glory". 
I wanted to take some time out this week to create this little guy in time for Independence day :o)  
I hope you like him!
Glory has been adopted, Thank You!

Leo had to make sure I was doing everything correctly! 

Now I have to get back to work on my show bears!
I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Upcoming Online Show

The Next online show that I will be participating in is right around the corner!  Time sure does fly by! 
The preview page is beginning to shape up as each artist adds their bear for all to see. I hope you can stop by and take a look at the bears, including my little "Nikolai".   

I hope to see you there on July 13, 14 & 15!

Bear Hugs,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Garden Shed Update

I have managed to get some work done on the exterior of the garden shed in between making bears and drooling over the possibilities for the Newport :o)
It has mostly been a lot of painting, sanding, ageing and more painting! So far I have the windows and door finished, although they are not permanently attached yet. I also have the porch floor and posts installed, painted and aged. Eventually I will add a railing. The next step will be the siding. The lines drawn on the walls are my guides. I will make another post after I have that finished :o) 

I added my can of "fuel" here for size comparison :o)

I think the screen door is my favorite part of this project so far!  It turned out just like I hoped it would.  It is hard to see the actual screen in the photos though, sorry about that.    I chose to add working windows also.

I cut strips of basswood for the porch floor, then did several layers of painting and ageing.   The posts and steps were given the same treatment, but I decided to add trim to the bottom of the posts for extra detail.  I like the way it looks :o)
I think everything is coming along nicely, but I certainly have a lot more work to do!

Thanks for stopping by!
Mini Hugs,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

BIG news!

I am so excited to show you all my new treasure!! 
If you are a follower of Brae's blog, then you know that she was looking for a new home for her partially constructed Newport house.  Well, I am happy to say that I am the proud new owner of that beautiful piece of work!! :o)  I have so many ideas for finishing this project, I don't even know where to begin, LOL! 
I had a wonderful time meeting Brae today when we went to pick it up!  She is so nice and I was over the moon when I got to see her mini houses up close!  She does amazing work with so much attention to detail!  To see the pictures on her blog just doesn't compare to being able to look at the real thing.   I feel very honored to have had the opportunity to see them and talk with her!  :o)

Here are a few pictures of the Newport in it's new happy home

I was happy to be able to fit the whole thing into the back of our Jeep without taking it apart or cutting wires!  It worked out really well.

Here it is on my desk.  Sorry about the mess underneath! (blush)

Here is a shot of the front.  Not a very good picture, I didn't have a lot of room to maneuver around it.  It is so big!  :o) 

If you would like to see more pictures and read more about this wonderful build, and her other projects, visit Brae's blog, you won't be disappointed!  She is very generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge.
I can't wait to get to work on this house, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the garden shed.  I have been working on it.  I need to re-do a few spots on the porch because I'm not happy with the way the paint looks, then I will post some pictures of my progress.  I will also post pics of the Newport as I make progress on it as well.  I just hope I can do justice to the beautiful work that has already been put into it! 

Thank you so much Brae!  I had a wonderful time visiting with you!
I'm going to go play now :o)