Monday, March 28, 2011

Good evening everyone!

I hope you all had a great day! 
I just wanted to make a quick post here and introduce my new little bunny that I finished today.  Her name is "Renata".  She is ready to find her new home for the Easter holiday.  If you would like to read more about her, she can be found on my Etsy page. 

Renata has been adopted, Thank you!!
I hope you like her!  :o)


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Saturday everybody! 
Just a quick post today to share a little bear with you.  A couple posts back I announced the winners of my second giveaway.  Carol was the lucky winner of the second draw and she chose a little bear as her prize :o)  I made one especially for her and I am happy to say that she received it a few days ago and liked her!  Her name is "Polly".  I hope you all like her too!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I've been working on lately

I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend! 

I've had a few people ask to see pictures of my projects that I have been busy with lately, so I thought I would share them here on my blog today :o)

I always seem to have a lot of things going on at once, but I like it that way!  There is always something to do. 

This first picture is a hutch that we made in mini club for NAME day last year.  I painted it and added all the little details.  One of these days I want to make a kitchen room box with a rooster theme, so that is where it will go...eventually, lol!   The two rooster plates were a gift from my friend Donna and the little box on the bottom right shelf was made by Kristina, everything else was done by me.  The palm plant was a workshop taught by Maryse at mini club, that was a lot of fun to make!


Next is my Easter table.  This was also for mini club.  Donna and I each made a table to use as an example for the workshop she was teaching yesterday.  It was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  She taught us how to make the panoramic eggs and the sugar eggs along with a few other goodies, but as you can see I have a tendency to over-do things!
Everything on the table was made by me, except the pink egg, that was also a gift from Donna :o)  The table itself was an E-bay purchase.

My cookie prep table that I made for my bakery which is still in progress.  Actually I don't like my current bakery so I am planning to start from scratch and re-do everything.  Anyway, the table has been a fun project.  I'm not quite finished with it yet, I want to add a couple more little things to the bottom, but I haven't decided what yet. 

Here are a few updated pics of the dollhouse I have been building for my niece.  I am almost finished with the siding now.  yes, I know I have said that before, LOL!   I can't wait to start decorating the inside!

Pay no attention to the mess behind the dollhouse, lol, I tried to crop the pictures so no one had to see it!

Last, but not least, here are a few pics of my Harry Potter shops I am working on now.  They are far from being done, but I've made a lot of progress.  The first one is the Apothecary and the second is Honeydukes.  I will also be doing the pet shop, but I haven't had a chance to start on that one yet.

I am having a lot of fun with these and I can't wait to start filling them up!!  I have so many ideas!  I tried to get some pics of the inside of the shops, but it is storming here today, so the lighting isn't very good.  I will try to post more updates soon!

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!  At least now you know why I have been such a bad blogger lately, lol!  I have also been working on bears! :o)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week ahead!!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

And The Winners Are.......

I apologise for taking so long to post the winners of my giveaway!!   There are never enough hours in a day! 
I'm here now though, and I'm excited to announce the winner's names!

My daughter, Samantha, helped draw the names last night.  It was late, so the photos are kind of dark, sorry about that!

The first name drawn was for the unclaimed prize from my last giveaway

And the winner is.......


Congratulations KRISTINA!

The second name drawn was for the prize of your choice, either a mini or a bear.

And the winner is......

carol !

Congratulations carol!

Congratulations to both of the winners of my giveaway!  I hope you will enjoy your gifts!
If you could both e-mail me with your mailing address I would appreciate it :o)
Kristina, I will get your minis mailed out right away!
Carol,  please get in touch with me so we can discuss your gift :o)

Thank you all so much for following my blog and leaving your wonderful comments!!  I will be having another giveaway if / when I reach 300 followers!  (a girl can dream right!?)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A couple of new bears

Before I introduce my new bears I just want to remind everyone that there is still time to enter my give away!  Click here and you will be taken to the correct post where you can leave a comment by March 7 and I will enter your name.  :o)

So,  I'm back today with a new bear and a little mouse I just finished a couple days ago.  Their names are "Griffon" and "Jeffrey".  I am pretty happy with the way they both turned out!  I have just listed them on my Bear Pile page if you would like to visit them over there. 



I also have some mini news to share.  I am kind of late with this posting, but I want to show you the beautiful giveaway prize that I won!

I am so excited to have this in my collection!  This beautiful Valentine's mini came from Kathy at Wee Little West, isn't it  amazing!  Thank you so much Kathy!!
Check out her blog, she makes the most beautiful mini foods!

I have also been working on my Harry Potter shops lately, in between bear making of course :o)  I will try and get some pictures taken soon so that I can share with all of you.   I am almost finished with my niece's dollhouse as well.  I posted some pictures here on my blog a while back of the progress, but I need to update those.  I just have about half the siding to put on and some decorating on the inside, then I can give it to her and make room for my next project!  Or should I say multiple projects, LOL!  I have waaaaaay too many things going at once, but that keeps life interesting, right?!

On that note I probably better get back to work!  I have a little elephant commission to finish :o)

I hope you all have a wonderful day!