Friday, September 17, 2010

100 Follower Giveaway!

...well, technically 104!  I am grateful for each and every one of you, and  I would like to show my appreciation by having this giveaway :o)  The winner will receive everything shown in the picture plus a few little extras that I haven't quite finished yet ('cause I'm slow, LOL). 
All you have to do to be entered is become a follower (if you aren't already) and leave me a comment on this post.  This giveaway is open to everyone who has become a follower by October 8.  I will draw the winner that evening and announce it here on my blog!  :o) 
If you would like to post my link on your blog, that would be wonderful, but it is not required.  Please let me know in your comment if you have and I will enter your name twice! 
Thank you all so much for following me here in blogland, you are all so wonderful!  I hope you enjoy what I have to offer!
Best of luck!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Great New Group!

I have just joined a wonderful new group set up by Jess over at Little Dirt Lane!  This is going to be a fabulous place for artists of all kinds to get together ands share ideas!  If you are like me you are always looking for new ways to get your name out there and Jess has some great ideas for doing just that.  So, I would like to invite all of you artists to come join us!  This is going to be great!!

I hope to see you there!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another new Ellie

I have another new ellie to share with you all today :o)  This little girl is named Mimi and she is available on Bear Pile.  I think I have been on elephant overdrive lately, LOL!  This is the last one for a little while though.  I am working on some bears to stash back for a couple of shows. 

Mimi has been adopted, Thank you!!!

I think I am just about done with my online to do list this morning, so I am going to try and finish the minis that I have been working on for my giveaway.  I hope to be able to post the info on that within the next couple of days.  I also have some pictures of some goodies I have received recently (my camera actually cooperated today, can you believe it!) so I will be showing those also.

For now I will share one last parting shot with you today.

This is our kitten TJ.  My daughter named him so I'm not quite sure what TJ stands for, if anything, LOL! 
For some reason all of the cats love to sleep in the letter tray here on my computer desk.  This little guy has claimed "the spot" for the past couple weeks.  When I sit down he climbs up there and lays down, but when I move he follows me and watches everything I do.  If I come back and sit down at my desk he will climb right back up there and go back to sleep.  Cats are so funny!

I hope you all have a great day!!  :o)


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Halloween Time

I couldn't resist using this wonderful mohair for a little Halloween themed elephant!  I even made him some bat wings :o)  He looks like he is all dressed up for Trick-or-Treat.  His name is Igor and he is listed on Bear Pile right now if you would like to go over there and visit him. 

                                             Igor has been adopted!  Thank You!!

I see that I have almost made it to 100 followers!!!!  WOW!!!  I never imagined that so many people would want to read my blog!  I feel so lucky to have "met" so many wonderful online friends and I hope that you will enjoy coming back again and again.
To celebrate all of you wonderful folks I will of course be having a giveaway as soon as I reach the magic number "100"!  For my last giveaway I did one of my lions, so this time I think I will do some minis :o)  I will post the specifics when I decide what the prize will be, hmmmmmm......  maybe some shabby chic minis?  Sound good?

Take care!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Online show!

Daphne Blau of Back Road Bears is organizing a new online show and I am happy to say that I will be participating!  This will be my first online show and I am so excited!  If you would like more information please click the link below.  I hope you can make time to join me and the other bear artists that will be there :o)

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sharing a few favorites

Hi Everyone!  I hope you are all doing well! 

In my last post I showed you some of my goodies from my shopping trip at the antique mall.  I always have such a great time when I go there, so it made me kind of sad to hear in your comments that not all of you
have these in your area!    So today I thought I would share a few of my favorite go-to places on Etsy for vintage lace, ribbon, trims, etc. 
These are some of the shops that I love!  Their selection is phenomenal and they have great prices too! 

Early Attic - vintage trims, laces, cottons, etc. 

Sugar Pink Boutique - trims, fringes, vintage lace, beads, etc.

Christopher Pines - trims, ribbons, ric rac, embellishments, etc.

Suhafuha -  lace, trim, appliques, etc.

Pink Grapefruit Style -  laces, trims, buttons, findings, etc.

If you have a spare moment (or a couple of hours if you are like me!), take a trip over to their shops.  I guarantee you won't regret it!!  Just click the shop names above.  You better hurry though, as soon as I find that winning lotto ticket I'm buying everything they have, LOL!! 

I will also put this list over on my sidebar so in the future you can find them without having to search through my posts.  Keep checking back, I have a few more to add.  :o)

Have a great day!  I'm off to sew more bears :o)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Fruitful Hunt :o)

Yesterday was lots of fun!  My sister and I did some "hunting" at the local antique malls and I came home with lots of goodies :o)  Here are some pictures I took when I go home last night.  As you can see, my cat Murphy had to be the first to inspect everything, LOL.   I'm surprised all of the other cats weren't up there too!
I couldn't believe all of the beautiful lace they had!  And cheap too.   I only paid a dollar per bag!!  and that huge bag of pearl cotton there, $3!

all of the lace after I took it out of the bags!

I showed everything to Gregg and all he said was "Wow, you only bought one basket, I'm shocked!"


Anyone who has been to my house or has been shopping with me knows that I LOVE baskets!! I have them everywhere. I'm running out of room so I even started hanging them from the beam on the cieling in the family room :o) I think I may need an intervention!!

Well, I better get back to sewing!  I can't wait to use some of this on my bears!

Have a great day!