Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another new Ellie

I have another new ellie to share with you all today :o)  This little girl is named Mimi and she is available on Bear Pile.  I think I have been on elephant overdrive lately, LOL!  This is the last one for a little while though.  I am working on some bears to stash back for a couple of shows. 

Mimi has been adopted, Thank you!!!

I think I am just about done with my online to do list this morning, so I am going to try and finish the minis that I have been working on for my giveaway.  I hope to be able to post the info on that within the next couple of days.  I also have some pictures of some goodies I have received recently (my camera actually cooperated today, can you believe it!) so I will be showing those also.

For now I will share one last parting shot with you today.

This is our kitten TJ.  My daughter named him so I'm not quite sure what TJ stands for, if anything, LOL! 
For some reason all of the cats love to sleep in the letter tray here on my computer desk.  This little guy has claimed "the spot" for the past couple weeks.  When I sit down he climbs up there and lays down, but when I move he follows me and watches everything I do.  If I come back and sit down at my desk he will climb right back up there and go back to sleep.  Cats are so funny!

I hope you all have a great day!!  :o)



  1. There can never be such a thing as Elephant overload. x x x

  2. Mimi is beautiful, I can never get enough ellies =)

  3. Mimi te ha quedado muy dulce y bonita.
    Besitos, May

  4. Aww, love Mimi. Good luck getting all your bears done for the shows :o)

  5. your creations are adorable and so is TJ.
    Happy sewing,

  6. Has hecho otra preciosidad. Me encanta Mimi.
    Besos Clara


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