Monday, May 24, 2010

Easily Distracted

Yes, I am definately easily distracted! Every morning I get up and get my daughter ready and on the bus to go to school and I think about all the big plans I have for the day. Starting a new bear, working on some minis, etc. etc. but my first stop is to check my e-mail... big mistake! I could easily spend hours on the internet (and usually do, LOL!) I have my usual list of sites to check; TT, Bear Pile, The Guild and then comes Etsy and my ever growing list of blogs that I follow.

I am addicted to Etsy first of all. There are so many wonderful artists and crafters on there that I just can't help but look and look and look! If there is anyone out there who hasn't discovered the magical place that is Etsy, you should take a trip over there, you won't regret it!!

And then the blogs, oh the wonderful blogs, I love reading what other people are up to! Probably because other peoples lives are so much more interesting than mine, LOL! It fascinates me and I spend so much time reading new and old posts, discovering new blogs and learning new things about people all over the world that pretty soon half the day is gone and I wave bye-bye to all of my well thought out plans. ;o) Does anyone else have this "problem"??!

So anyway, while I'm on the subject of blogs, I have seen so many wonderfully generous giveaways out there that I couldn't help but think that maybe I should join in. I haven't been blogging very long, but still, why not?! I already have my little give away prize in mind I just have to get some pictures taken of him. :o) I will let you know the specifics in my next post. How exciting!!!

Take care! And thanks for listening to my rambling! :o)


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  1. Problem? Me? Well I've been home since 6:30, it's not 8:30 and I've only spent 20 mins away from the computer - I have bear bits to sew lol


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