Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Crazy Cat Lady In Training"

Yep, thats me! I saw that title printed on a t-shirt the other day and I laughed out loud because I could so see myself wearing that! I have two cats that run the house and I thought I would share some pictures of them with you today along with my new bear I finished yesterday.

This first picture is Frank. He thinks everyone was put on this earth to serve only him, LOL! Here he is sleeping in my letter tray on my desk. Of course as soon as I got out of the chair he jumped in it and wouldn't get out. Hmph!

Next is Murphy. We adopted him from the animal shelter about two months ago and he hasn't wasted any time making himself right at home as you can see. I bought them that little cat house there (which Frank is too good for, of course) and Murphy likes to knock all of the papers off of my table onto the top of it and then lay on them. His personality is completly different than Frank's, he is so full of energy, not that you can tell for this picture, LOL!

These two guys keep me company during the day when the rest of the family is at work and school. I find myself having complete conversations with them. :o) One sided conversations when Frank is involved ,but Murphy will sometimes tilt his head and meow at me. My husband says I need a friend, but that is another story for another day, LOL!! I would be happy with a couple more cats! ;o)
Anyhoo, about that new bear I mentioned....
His name is Robin and he is available on Bear Pile today. He is 11" seated and made from a long blue synthetic fur with a cream alpaca face. He has a clay nose and glass eyes. I hope you enjoy taking a look at him.

And of course here is Murphy again. He is always right in the thick of things. He takes his quality control job very seriously! I think he wanted to help with the photos, but I thought this bear was furry enough without any help from him. :o)

Well, that's all for today. I have a new bear friend to start on and I have been working on the dollhouse for my niece. Maybe I will post some in progress pictures of that in a couple of days? As slow as I am I hope to have it done by the time she graduates college, LOL! She's 5 now ,yikes, I better get busy!!
Take care,


  1. Jeannette, this bear is gorgeous. I love the two colors, and his face is so sweet.

    Kitties are pretty cute too!

  2. Thanks Joanne!!

    I thought you might recognize the blue fur ;o) I have similar plans for the pink and green too.

  3. Love the new bear Jeannette and the colours go so nice together:-) Your not alone in talking to your cats as I talk to my dogs all the time even though my hubby is around most of the time! It does get pretty noisy around here sometimes as my 2 girls can get quite vocal LOL!
    Take care. Hugs Lyn x

  4. Thanks Lyn! It's good to know I'm not alone!! Maybe I should have my husband read this, LOL!


  5. Your bears are so sweet.
    I had to laugh at your title....i know i would probably get bought the tshirt if my hubs or girls saw it....i have three cats and they all get talked too....i would def wear it too and probably pop out and buy
    The cats each have their own way of listening too:O)

  6. Thanks Julie!! It's true what they say!, "cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one." My neighbor has been trying to give me another one and I find myself wanting to say yes, but I should probably talk to Gregg (my husband) about it. At least so that he thinks he has a say in things, LOL!!!


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