Saturday, September 19, 2015

Newport Update: Master Bedroom

Happy Saturday everybody!  As promised I am posting some pictures of the Newport master bedroom.  This room is pretty much finished, just some finishing touches that will need to be done.  The ceiling/ third floor isn't attached yet, so once that is done I will have to put up the molding.   I'm sure I will add more minis to this room over time as well. :o)
I really love how this room turned out!  It just feels cozy to me.  The inspiration for this room came from the chair and ottoman.  I had this custom made for me by Kris Compas.  Kris does the most wonderful work!  I have several of her pieces now and hope to add more to my collection in the future.  

The floors came pre-stained, but I added a wash of black paint to darken them up just a bit. 

The nighstands are just an odd pair that I picked up on E-bay a long time ago (see photo below).   I painted them black and added new knobs which I stained to match the top of the posts on the bed. 

I scratch built the bed using matte board and scrap bass wood.  The bedding was also sewn from fabric that I already had on hand.  The rug is a paper print out, but someday I would like to learn punch needle and then attempt to re-do this design. 

I purchased the lamps online, but I can't remember the name of the site.  I will add a link in here when I find that info.  I really love the bases on these, but the shades are just really flimsy plastic.  I tried adding fabric to make them look better for now, but eventually I will replace them with something more realistic looking. 

The armoire is a Bespaq piece that I have had in my stash for a while.  Another Ebay find.  I usually just buy things I like, not knowing where I will use it.  It's fun to go through things every now and then and find stuff I forgot I had. ;o)  On the other side of that though, I've been looking through my stash and asked myself  "What the heck were you thinking when you bought that?"  LOL!

I really love the window seat!  I scratch built this as well, using matte board and bass wood again.  I always pick up more when I'm at Hobby Lobby so that I have it on hand when I need it.  The printed pillows/blue pillows are from a kit by true2scale.  The rest of them were hand made by me. 

The pitcher with flowers and the bird patterned boxes are also kits by true2scale.    The stack of books is by MontserratFolch on Etsy.  Unfortunately her shop is now gone, which is a shame because her books are wonderful and I was hoping to get more.   

It is kind of hard to see, but the photo on the nightstand is actually of my daughter and niece trying on funny glasses at the store, LOL.  It always makes me laugh, so I resized it and put it in the frame.   

And here is my usual perspective view.  ;o)  You can see that the ceiling isn't attached and the lamp wires are sticking out.  The wires will go through small holes in the ceiling, but I still haven't figured out how I am going to run the wires for the rest of the third floor.  I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you like the master bedroom.  Next up I think will be the sun room which is through the French doors off of this room.  I'm at a stand still right now though.  I have a picture in my mind of how I want the windows to look, but I can't find anything that looks even close to what I want.  That means I will have to make them myself and considering it is a sunroom, I'm going to need a lot of windows.  I want them to be working windows too (of course).  Good thing I'm always up for a challenge!  :o)
Have a great night!

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