Monday, September 14, 2015

Just a couple of new minis

Hi There!
I just wanted to share a couple of new minis with you all tonight.  :o)  A while back I was reading Brae's blog and she had shared some things she purchased from Shapeways, so naturally I had to check it out, LOL!  I ended up getting the laundry basket and the little blue bins that I used in the Newport garage. 

The little laundry basket has wonderful detail to it!  I love it!

You can see the blue bins there on the workbench.  They worked out perfectly for holding little bits and pieces.

These items came from Marion Russek on the Shapeways website.  Shapeways is a 3-D printing marketplace and let me just say, it is amazing what can be done with 3-D printing!  Wow! 
I have spent so much time over on that website, LOL, not only looking at the miniatures, but they also have a great model train section and some of those items would be great in mini scenes as well.  They just have so much to offer!  After looking through it so much it actually gave me an idea for a little side project I want to work on while I try to figure out where to go with the Newport.  I think I will do this little project a bit differently and post my progress here on my blog as I go along.   I will call it my Shapeways project since that is where my inspiration and a lot of the minis will come from.  Now it's back over to their site to add to my wishlist  ;o)

Have a great evening!

P.S.  I also have a Newport update coming up.  The master bedroom is pretty much done, so I will post pictures of that soon. 

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