Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Panda


I finally managed to get some pictures taken of the little bear I finished last week.  Her name is Fancy and I am really happy with the way she turned out :o)  I added armature to her arms and legs so that she can be posed in lots of ways.  I had a lot of fun with her and I hope you like her too!
UPDATE:  Fancy found a new home in record time :o)  Thanks so much Michelle!

Now I'm off to work on that bunny I mentioned yesterday.  Thanks so much Kay for the energy and inspiration you sent my way :o)  I'm feelin' it today!  I even vacuumed the cat hair off the furniture and the cobwebs from the ceiling!  LOL!
Bear Hugs,


  1. Fancy is the cutes little bear. I love her skirt. Well done in selling her so soon.
    I hope the sun shines on you today.

  2. She is really beautiful, such a sweet face and lovely color. I can certainly see why she was adopted so quickly.

  3. Fancy is just fantastic. I'm your newest follower and would love to invite you to visit and follow me when you get a chance. Have a lovely day.


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