Friday, August 7, 2015

~ New Little Ones ~

Happy Friday everyone!
Today's post doesn't have anything to do with bears or minis, but I wanted to share anyway.  :o)
A while ago we took in a stray cat that ran out in front of my sisters truck.  My sister couldn't keep her, so of course she brought her to my house. (because I don't know how to say "no".)  So ,fast forward a couple of months and now I have kittens at my house.  They are about two weeks old now and sooooo cute!  I wish they would stay like this forever, but alas, they grow up. 
So anybody want a kitten when they are old enough to leave their mom?!....Please!.....Yes, I'm shamelessly begging here!  If you are close to Northern Indiana feel free to come get yourself a cute little kitty in about four weeks or so.  ;o) 
Ok, I'm done begging now, LOL!  If nothing else at least I've shared some cute pictures here.  :o)  I will try to post some updates as they grow.  Of course my daughter is on cloud nine right now, she is already attached to them. 

Have a great weekend!


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