Monday, August 29, 2011

A Few Minis From the Bishop Show

A group of us went to the Chicago Miniatures Show yesterday and had a really good time!  I brought home just a few little things, but I am really happy with what I found :o)  Of course there are a few things that I wish I would have gone back for, but that seems to be the way it always goes, LOL!

I was really happy to finally find the door latches that I have been wanting for the Harry Potter shops!  I have been looking everywhere for these!  I bought them from Mini-tiques, but I have to order a couple more from her because she had sold out of the other two styles I wanted.

I found this really pretty white vase and mossy clay pot at Carol's Bloomers

The large white flower pot and the little cutting boards came from Dragonfly International.  The little cutting boards are also something that I have been wanting for a while, and I couldn't pass up the flower pot.  I thought it would look great with a big fern in it.

These cute little candy dishes were a great find!  I love them!  These are from Barbara Anderson Miniatures.  She had them in an assortment of beautiful colors.

I apologize for the terrible pictures!  I am still trying to figure out my new camera and I can't seem to get the lighting right. 

I better get back to work on some bears now!  There are only about two weeks left until the Valparaiso Doll and Bear Show!

I hope you have a great day!


  1. Wish I had known you would be there! I live right by that particular venue. You got a lot of nice things. Love the candy dishes especially!

  2. You got some beautiful minis. I love the dishes and the cutting boards are cute. Hugs Maria

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Brae, we will definitely have to meet next time! I will be there in the spring for sure! I saw your goodies on your blog too, you really got some great stuff! :o)


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